Linsey Mills, serial entrepreneur and author, distills his experience and observations from a career of small business mastery in Your Business Venture: The Prep. The Pitch. The Funding.

Patiently walking through every step of a business venture in development, this is a broadly accessible and educational book – valuable for amateurs and business veterans alike. The chapters are comprehensive and seemingly exhaustive, yet anything but dull or overly technical. Challenging readers and potential entrepreneurs with pertinent questions, and providing actionable goals and tools for success, this book offers detailed information throughout, not just anecdotal success stories and vague inspirational language.

While there are many business books that provide a path from dreamy ideation to market domination, information and strategies are always changing, which is how this book is especially useful. Real-world examples and timely observations about economic trajectories and market patterns of the past 3-5 years give this book immediacy and relevance. Mills maintains a humble confidence as the voice of authority, establishing why he is a viable guide, and then consistently proving how his approach has worked and how it can be widely tailored to anyone’s success, even as business strategies continue to evolve.

Written informally, and peppered with both humor and endearing moments of personal opinion, this is a surprisingly engrossing read, perfectly balancing the dynamic human element in business with invaluable management tactics.

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