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Linsey Mills

Best Selling Author, Linsey Mills, is a business and financial professional, with more than 28 years experience.  He has worked with clients to increase their business knowledge and improve results in the areas of short and long term financial goals. Linsey has created innovative programs including, Colors of Philanthropy, and TRADER$: Stock Market Experience, to teach complex concepts in an interactive and fun experiential learning environment.

Linsey is a former recipient of the U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year award for his success in business.  In 2019, Linsey and his wife, Michelle Serrano were awarded the Linetta Gilbert Service Award, the highest honor of the Community Investment Network, for their commitment and service in the field of philanthropy.  Linsey is the recent author of Your Business Venture: The Prep. The Pitch. The Funding and co-author with his sister, Andrea Stephenson ’02, of Teach Your Child About Money Through Play: 110+ Games/Activities, Tips, and Resources to Teach Kids Financial Literacy at an Early Age. 

In both his personal and professional lives, Linsey encourages people to create a robustly engaging life with Simply Outrageous adventures. Linsey inspires people to find work they love to do through their careers and philanthropy and to plan strategically and purposefully for life’s celebrations and challenges.

Linsey serves on the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Professional Advisors Board and is the Vice Chair of the Davidson Arts and Creative Engagement Advisory Board.

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