launching your business is our business

Highly recommend it to anyone who dreams big and is willing to take the initiative to make them come true. ~K. Hymes



The Prep

Learn to identify the problems that could be the next big idea to launch your business

The Pitch

Learn to effectively present your ideas to potential partners, funders & investors

the Funding

Learn the types of funding available and which funding works for your business

The Plan

Learn how to write a one-page business plan that is the key to launching your venture

Why You Should Read The Book...

In Your Business Venture: The Prep. The Pitch. The Funding, you will learn the three major pillars you and your team must master to ideate, create, develop, PITCH, launch, and grow your profitable and sustainable business powered by YOUR ONE GREAT IDEA and your passion and confidence that it can and will work:

1. The Prep: How do you prepare your mind to identify or attract ideas that have the potential to be a successful business?

2. The Pitch: How do you effectively present your idea to potential partners, funders, and investors.

3. The Funding: What are the types of available funding? And what funding works best for your business?

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