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Patiently walking through every step of a business venture in development, this is a broadly accessible and educational book – valuable for amateurs and business veterans alike. The chapters are comprehensive and seemingly exhaustive, challenging readers and potential entrepreneurs with pertinent questions, and providing actionable goals and tools for success. Written informally, and peppered with both humor and endearing moments of personal opinion, this is a surprisingly engrossing read, perfectly balancing the dynamic human element in business with invaluable management tactics.

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Your Business Venture is expertly written and is filled with a goldmine of advice and strategies to succeed in the new economy.

It’s a great book, easy to read, understand and is helping me already.

A. Ginyard

Mr. Mills is spot on! And entrepreneurs – visionaries by nature, will have to lead the way! No only the nation, but the world needs us to take up our mantle.

A. Wiggins

I’ve known Linsey Mills since I moved to North Carolina in ’83. He’s most certainly one of the best gentlemen I have ever met, and it does my heart good to see his wisdom in print. I had the privilege to graduate with him…just a few years ago, and I’m proud to call him a friend. Buy it. Read it. Share it. Talk about it over your Starbucks latte! Congratulations, Linsey, wishing you nothing but success!!

D. Atwell

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Your Business Venture by Linsey Mills

Your Business Venture

by Linsey Mills

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Your wealth of knowledge has helped Harris Hands Massage Therapy from the beginning! Thank you!

K. Harris

Linsey Mills, I could not have reached my goals without your leading as our CFO and providing such sound guidance, expertise and support!

R. peebles

Linsey Mills, I would not be where I am in my career without you and Michelle Serrano. Period. That’s a FACT! I will gladly spread the word about your book.

V. Hemmingway

I can’t wait to read this book. Your financial advisement has been a blessing from God to me.

T. Washington

Linsey, you and Michelle continue to unlock doors to opportunity for Black people. Congratulations! Thank you for stimulating Black entrepreneurs locally and globally.

L. Gilbert

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