Your Business Venture

Coming Soon

After 25 years of learning, advising and consulting on business and entrepreneurship, I’m looking forward to releasing my new book Your Business Venture: The Prep. The Pitch. The Funding.

In this book, I’m sharing a new model for ideation, developing an idea for your business that tests its viability before moving forward.  We are using a one page business plan adopted from the lean business canvas.  The book discusses the steps you should follow to give your business the best probability of success in the market that you have researched and tested.   For you who are looking to change the world, one industry at a time,  we will discuss the 12 Industries that are ripe for disruption and  the 12 Technologies that are helping create new and innovative businesses.  Those are just a few nuggets of information that you will learn.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared this much information within the confines of a book.  But the time is now.  I hope you are ready.   I am.

If you would like to Pre-Order your limited edition Autographed Copy of Your Business Venture: The Prep. The Pitch. The Funding send us an email via the contact page.